Homemade Chocolate Syrup

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Homemade Chocolate Syrup, why buy it when making it is so easy!

Homemade Chocolate Syrup, why buy it when making it is so easy!
I have to tell you this is not my recipe. I found it Over at The Slow Roasted Italian. I wasn’t even going to share it. I made it to use for my Crepes with Caramelized Apples. You see, I don’t keep Chocolate Syrup in the house. Ok, that’s wrong, I do try to keep it in the house but every time I buy it, once opened and placed in the fridge, it magically disappears. Then when I go to use it for something, I’ll pull out an empty bottle. I could just blame it on the kids but I know it’s not just them. Hubby loves a bowl of ice cream before bed. And if there’s something to put on that ice cream? Yup, It’s on it.

Homemade Chocolate Syrup, why buy it when making it is so easy!

Honestly, as long as they use it in moderation, I really don’t mind. But to take out that bottle of syrup, feel how light it is, turn it upside down and let it rest against the toaster, to let what little might be in there drain down to the lid. Then to squeeze, and squeeze, to get a few spittle drops of syrup for myself. The kids are really good about hiding any evidence too. I should know when all the glasses are in the dishwasher instead of left on the table or in the sink, something’s up.

Homemade Chocolate Syrup, why buy it when making it is so easy!

No big surprise when I need chocolate syrup, the bottle’s empty, AGAIN! So quick search and I find this recipe for homemade chocolate syrup. It was wonderful on the crepes. It was delicious in chocolate milk but what made me decide to post it was the Hubby. On his Ice Cream. “Don’t ever buy chocolate syrup again, this is better, richer, less sweet.”

So since I can’t buy chocolate syrup any more, I’d better have the recipe somewhere handy, like here. And one more bonus to making my chocolate syrup? The kids haven’t caught on that the syrup is in a jar on the shelf in the fridge instead of the brown bottle in the door. I just put that empty bottle right back where I found it, lol.

Homemade Chocolate Syrup, why buy it when making it is so easy!

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Homemade Chocolate Syrup
from The Slow Roasted Italian

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

Homemade Chocolate Syrup


  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 cup cold water
  • dash of salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Combine sugars and cocoa in a medium saucepan, give a good stir with a whisk to combine and make sure all lumps are broken up. Add in salt and water, stir to combine. Cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes until syrup starts to thicken. You'll also notice a change of color to a darker, richer color you're used to chocolate syrup having.
  2. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract. Let cool in pan, then transfer to jar for storage. Keep in refrigerator. When using, if you want a thinner syrup, just microwave for about 30-45 seconds to make pourable.



Isn’t it gorgeous?


Be sure and pop over to The Slow Roasted Italian and Tell Donna and Chad thank you, and while you’re there check out their post for 32 Perfect Treats for your Labor Day Party. I know Labor Day is over, but a treat is a treat! Just make up an excuse. Trust me, The Campfire S’mores Martini will have you drooling all over your computer!

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About Joan Hayes

Mom to 3 teens, sweets and travel are her passions. Joan really does love her chocolate. She has a secret stash she hides from the kids and she has at least one bite of something chocolatey every day. She creates easy recipes any skill level can achieve to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone!


  1. Love it. I’ll be using it. I hate the bottled stuff.

  2. I made chocolate syrup for the first time last winter and I couldn’t believe how easy it was! The same thing you described happens with the store-bought kind at our house too, so it is handy to know a recipe for it. I love how you put the empty bottle back in the fridge; hilarious!

  3. I make a recipe similar to this too! So much better than the store bought stuff.

  4. I have been looking for a chocolate syrup recipe (I have the same problem at this house)and I know you wouldn’t put anything on your blog that really wasn’t good, I’m doing this! I even have all the stuff – of course I have to wait until mid-month so I won’t eat myself into a sugar coma – but I’m doing it!!

  5. You sure know how to get a girls attention! I was just popping online for a few minutes, but saw the title of your post and had to get over here immediately to check it out. I will definitely be trying this soon. I think my truckin’ man will be very happy with this!

  6. It sounds like you’re at my house! Seriously. Drives me nuts when I get something like that to use and it disappears. I try to find recipes like this one to make in a pinch. I’d love for you to share at my party 🙂 http://www.addhousewife.com/2012/09/pin-inpsiration-50.html

  7. What a great idea. This would be a fun activity and certainly looks better than pulling out bottled chocolate syrup when company comes over!

    Thank you for linking up to Wonderful Food Wednesday. We really appreciated your contribution. Hope you’ll come back next Wednesday.


  8. Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel says:

    Ooooooh, Joan. This is some seriously decadent sauce! I think this could be dangerous to keep on hand 🙂

  9. What a perfect ice cream topping!

  10. Hi Joan,

    What a great recipe find! We love chocolate sauce but good one is hard to come by. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Also thanks for the Google+ add, nice to meet you:)
    – Nancy

  11. This is a great recipe. I need to make this. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this and any other posts. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. It runs from Wednesday to Sundays.
    I hope to see you there. I am your newest follower, and I would love for your to follow me also. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  12. Hi Joan,
    I am so excited to have this recipe, it will be in a jar in my kitchen today. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  13. Oh.My. Just looking at this I can tell it’s better than the bottled stuff. I’m so glad your husband didn’t want to you to buy the bottled stuff anymore. 🙂 I may have to make some this weekend!

  14. Chocolate sauce is one of those things I never thought of making! I will have to give this a try. Do you know how long it will be good in the refrigerator?

    Off to pin this. Cynthia at http://FeedingBig.blogspot.com

    • Since there’s no dairy in this, it would probably keep for a few months. I know, even though it’s in a jar, hubby still knows what it is so it won’t last that long here.

  15. I’ve got to try this…hubby is type two,I cut the sweets in all recipes,I wonder if I can use splenda???…I think I’ll give it a try.

  16. Yummy! Such a handy recipe to have in my arsenal:-) Thanks for sharing:-) I’m going to try it with the all purpose baking cocoa from KAF, as I just bought a big bag;-)

  17. It looks so good Joan, I want it on everything! thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday!

  18. This looks delicious! I love making things from scratch whenever I can. That way I know exactly what is in it.

    I would love it if you would share this at the Smart Solutions linky party. You can link up here:


    Have a great day!

  19. My name is Cindy and I blog over at Vegetarianmamma.com I wanted to invite you to link up your recipe at our Gluten Free Fridays Recipe Link up party! It happens every Friday and we’d love to have you join us with some of your awesome recipes! You can find this week’s link up here: http://vegetarianmamma.com/glutenfree-fridays-recipe-party-4/ It doesn’t mean that you have to be a gluten free bloggers. If you have some recipes on your blog that are gluten free that counts! 🙂 Many recipes are naturally gluten free.
    Thanks, Cindy 🙂

  20. Yum! Sounds delicious (and it would make such a sweet gift)! Thanks for linking up with us @ Keep Calm & Link Up this week. We’re thrilled you chose to join our party! Can’t wait to see what you link up next week :o)

  21. Oh, does that look good. Love your blog!

    Thanks for linking up with Frugal Food Thursday at Frugal Follies!

  22. Who knew it was that easy! And brown sugar! Never would have guessed! My grandma used to make the best chocolate syrup and I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Have a blessed week & come back soon ~EMM

  23. Don’t you love how when you often work best under pressure? I have come up with many a fine recipes when given only what I had on hand in pinch. Kudos to you- this looks super rich and yummy! Thanks fort sharing at sweet Saturday 🙂

  24. YUM!!! I will definitely be making this. Thanks for sharing on Naptime Creations:)


  25. The Mandatory Mooch says:

    What a delicious treat!! Thanks so much for linking up to Tasty Thursdays on The Mandatory Mooch!! I hope you will link up again. The party will be live tonight. http://www.mandatorymooch.blogspot.com

    Thanks, Nichi

  26. Congratulations! You’ve been featured on Wicked Awesome Wednesday! Feel free to stop by the website and pick up your button.

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. How, oh how did I not see this before. There is no fat in this syrup and it sounds fantastic. I will be trying it!

  28. oh my….I would just eat that by the spoonfuls!!

  29. Tracy Semonik says:

    OK, so your subtitle, “why buy it when making it at home is so easy?”, I agree with you and feel that way about fruit toppings I make for Belgian waffles, cheesecakes and cake/doughnut fillings. And everyone thinks I’m a magician when I tell them I made it myself. So simple, soooo good, sooooo impressive. Adding your chocolate sauce to the repertoire.

  30. Does this work for chocolate milk too?

  31. Just wondering about how much it makes so I can prepare the jar container. Thanks does sound good. I’m thinking of making and sharing with those that love the chocolate syrup!! Yum

  32. Oooh – I finally got some cute little canning jars. Am making two batches of this wonderful chocolate sauce and will be canning them and sending to my kids. Just enough in one jar for hubby and myself to not go overboard on chocolate, yet have some around when grand babies are visiting. Saw a post on someone who makes their own fruit compote too – perfect idea! Time to search the web for a good compote recipe to put up in jars.

  33. When you say cocoa powder, what type do you use and is it unsweeten ?

  34. Cheryl A-Z says:

    Since culture influences recipes…and I am interested in genealogy (and food) You might find this interesting. I have a recipe almost identical to what you have hear…with the exception that a bit of flour is added to create a thicker sauce…more of a gravy. That is what my grandmother called it,”Chocolate Gravy”. She lived in Dickson TN and her people were from OK and Ark….I have heard from others saying they grew up with it in W VA and Southern KY. Where ever it is from, it was served for BREAKFAST along with bacon , eggs and biscuits. Biscuits were a must! The chocolate is poured on the biscuit with a ‘dollop of butter and eaten like any gravy. That was occasionally Sunday breakfast….Ohhhhh delicious!

  35. Thank you……

  36. Kimberly says:

    I don’t know what happened!!!! I made this earlier this morning, let it sit out on the counter to cool, and when I tried to make some chocolate milk, the syrup hardened on the spoon and wouldn’t even mix into the milk!! I then put about half of it into the refrigerator to see what would happen, so when I took it out an hour later, you couldn’t even scoop any out, let alone POUR it… it kind of resembles a chewy candy (like a caramel, but chocolate)….What do you think I did?

    • It sounds like you over cooked it and took it to the candy stage. You don’t want it to come to a boil. So sorry this happened for you, it is worth trying again. let me know how it comes out.

  37. Lovely recipe!
    How many jars will this make?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  38. When canning this how long have you found it will last in jar with good quality?

  39. Deb Morrison says:

    My mom use to make this when us kids were little.. I can still taste it yummm. Will have to make some to see if it taste the same as hers. Thanks for stirring the memories of my childhood.

  40. Margaret says:

    Could this be processed using the hot water technique?

  41. Is the cocoa powder like regular Hershey’s (dry) cocoa ?

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