Grilled Nutella and Cream Cheese Sandwich

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Grilled Nutella and Cream Cheese sandwich with strawberries- for breakfast, lunch or a snack
Grilled Nutella and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Strawberries- for breakfast, lunch or a snack
I was so going to save this one for the Crazy Cooking Challenge but I just can’t wait to share it with you all.

Strawberries are in full season here. And the Strawberries just put this one over the top.

I found this idea over at Plain Chicken, along with other Grilled sandwich options. Pop on over there when you get a chance, Steph has so many wonderful creations like Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundaes or Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars, this is a gal after my own heart, can’t you tell? Don’t worry, she’s got some healthy stuff on there too.

I had my toughest critics test this one. My son and youngest daughter. Both gave it  “thumbs up.” the other hand was busy putting the sandwich back to their mouths. The highest praise in my house.

Grilled Nutella and Cream Cheese Sandwich


  • 2 slices firm bread
  • Nutella spread
  • Softened Cream Cheese
  • 4-6 strawberries, sliced flat
  • butter or margarine for grilling


  1. I used an Italian bread for these sandwiches. Spread your cream cheese like you would for a bagel on one slice of bread and Nutella on the other.
  2. Butter your heated pan or griddle then place bread, plain side down on melted butter.
  3. place sliced strawberries on one side.
  4. Continue to cook until down side is a perfect golden brown. Complete the sandwich process, you know what I'm talking about, flip the one side on top of the other.
  5. Let sandwich cool a few minutes before serving, let those flavors combine, melt together, fuse with the strawberries.

from Plain Chicken

Grilled Nutella and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Strawberries

And I think I could get away with calling this healthy. Cheese, Nutella, fresh fruit. Yup, I’ll call this healthy.

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  1. Oh my! That looks amazing! I love topping toast with cream cheese and strawberry jam, but this would be 100 times better!

  2. Wow, is all I have to say, this looks amazing, simple and so full of flavor, love this.

  3. Mmmmm, that looks so good! It will sure get the thumbs up in my house too!

  4. Now that’s my kind of grilled cheese! …but I love the real cheese kind too of course.

  5. Wow! Making this for breakfast tomorrow!

  6. So funny — I JUST bought Nutella a couple of weeks ago for the VERY FIRST TIME! My kids like it — I can’t bring myself to try it — but I bet they would like this sandwich!

    • Michelle, it is funny, I only feed it to my kids but I have promised myself to try some of the Nutella based recipes out there. We started buying it as a “healthier” alternative to jelly. And I promise, you’re kids will love this!

  7. this looks amazing! =)
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. This looks Wonderful! I have cream cheese, nutella and going to the store for more strawberries! Can’t wait to make it! Thank you so much for sharing on Thursday’s Treasures, Dear! <3 and hugs!

  9. I am all over a great nutella recipe!!!! LOVE this!!!

  10. Stopping by from A Little Nosh. I’ve tried nutella and strawberry but never with cream cheese! I will have to check this out! And can you imagine with brioche for the bread? YUM! Hope you stop by and visit my page!

  11. *sigh* I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven. *wiping drool off the keyboard asjdglsajgoierjga/nkszvgja*

  12. This looks like the most delicious twist Ive seen with Nutella!! Yummm! 🙂

  13. Now that’s my kind of sandwich!! Can I eat it for lunch? 😉

  14. This looks like an AMAZING combo! Thanks for sharing!!


  15. I made this, with the addition of chunky almond butter…. Omg 0.0


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