Christmas Crafts

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Ok, I’m a slacker.

I made caramels yesterday.

And they came out wonderfully. The best caramels I’ve ever, EVER eaten. But instead of writing up the post so you all can make some, I went to Christmas Made in the South today. It’s one of those huge events where crafters come together to try and sell you the stuff they made. At least a hundred vendors there.

And I spent money, not tons, but more than I planned. But at least not as much as I wanted to.

And I took some pictures.

Of stuff that I can make myself.

I mean really simple ideas.

like this one…

It’s a kitchen/bathroom tile with a decal stuck on it and a cheese knife.

How simple is that!

And if you think that one’s good, look what else they did with the tiles…

I never even knew you could write on tile with a dry erase marker, Awesome teacher gift idea here!

Bad picture but someone framed a piece of wood painted with that chalkboard paint, put a nice ribbon at the top for hanging and walla! Another way to leave a note!

Now look at all these cute jars and containers, I wanted all of them!

Oh and this quilt….

It’s all scrapy with the edges out, my daughter will love trying to do this! Who needs perfect seams anyway!

And these little cookies made by these people

Let’s just say, I’m now on a quest to find a recipe for them!

Oh and another thing

colored candied popcorn. I already know how to make Candied Popcorn
can we say food coloring?

So I promise the caramel recipe is coming, but I did want you to know I wasn’t just sitting around all day eating them.

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  1. Now, I’ll be. Those tiles are precious!! And who would have even thought to do that.

    Hard to believe it’s coming up on that time of the year…sheesh. I already need a break and it ain’t even started!

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