Smoothies, Milkshakes and a great tip!

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milk shakes, 
they are all yum!
Throw some ingredients in a blender,
 push the magic button,
 and in just a minute or two,
Deliciousness in a glass! 
This post is really about the tip, My daughter found this on the internet, somewhere, and came and told me about it.
Well, I just had to try it to believe it. 
I’m that way.


That’s the tip!

I won’t tell you how to make a smoothie or a milk shake,
everyone has their own way that they love,
and we don’t do anything special with ours.

For a smoothie-
a bunch of fruit,
some yogurt,
maybe a little milk
maybe a little sugar is the yogurt is plain and the fruit isn’t too sweet
throw it all in the blender

And hit the magic button!

But here’s what I learned yesterday!

the bottom of your blender

fits on a MASON JAR!

How cool is that!

So fill up your mason Jar, just like you would the blender pitcher,
Leave enough room for the blade to fit in,
Screw the bottom of the blender onto the mason jar,
invert and place on blender,

And hit the magic button!

It’s working! Magic!

The cool little swirl, just like a regular blender
Unscrew lid and insert straw.

We of course had to test this several times

A little vanilla ice cream,
some hot fudge sauce,
And what’s a milk shake without fresh whipped cream, 
some caramel sauce and 
chocolate shavings!

The mason jar,

 less clean up and it’s also portion control.
The kids didn’t even realize they got less in the mason jar than they would have if I used the full sized blender.

From now on, whenever I need to use the blender,
I’ll ask myself, would it be good to use a mason jar for this.
9 times out of 10, I bet the answer will be yes!

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  1. That is a great tip, Joan! I love any idea that means fewer dishes to wash, especially the blender container. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! that is so cool! I would love to have a mason jar to fit into my blender too!

  3. Thanks ladies, I keep thinking of new ideas for this one! If I have to puree strawberries or some other food, I can just save what I don’t use in the jar!
    And Jeanie, I’m sure if you ask around, someone might have a few mason jars to spare, I know I’m probably close to 100 jars here, my hubby would love for me to share a few, lol!

  4. You Rock Sweet Joan! Thank You for this Awesome tip! A mason jar for each Boy! Love It!
    <3 and Hugs!

  5. Debi, we are having too much fun with this one! I love my mason jars!
    Hugs back at ya!

  6. Great tip! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I don’t have a standard blender. I use a margarita machine for my smoothies, I wonder if the mason jars will fit that…I’ll have to check!

    I’m a new follower via GFC!

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