Birthday Bash Giveaway

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Everyone loves a good giveaway. So I was thrilled when my friends Kim from Cravings of a Lunatic and Liz from That Skinny Chick Can Bake invited me to help celebrate their birthdays!  Since we’re all grown ups now, it’s not about receiving gifts any more. It’s about giving things away.

What could be better than a chance to win $350 .00 Amazon Gift Card or a Visa Gift Card? I know I like to shop, what about you? And this is open to both the US and Canada!

Cravings skinny chick birthday giveaway

Entering is easy, just follow the rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blog Giveaway is hosted and sponsored by:

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And here are a few sweets to get you in the celebration mood

Birthday Cake Milkshakes

Birthday Cake Milkshakes

Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche Frosting

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cake

Birthday Blondies

Disclaimer: Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada. Winner must be 18 years of age, or older. The winner will be notified by email within 24 hours, and a second winner will be selected if there is no response within 48 hours.


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About Joan Hayes

Mom to 3 teens, sweets and travel are her passions. Joan really does love her chocolate. She has a secret stash she hides from the kids and she has at least one bite of something chocolatey every day. She creates easy recipes any skill level can achieve to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone!


  1. Thanks SO much for joining in on the double anniversary celebration, Joan!!! I think some of those birthday blondies are in order! xo

  2. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would love to use it for my vacation in tulum!! Happy birthday!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Kim and Liz! I hope you both have an awesome birthday! If I had to choose I would probably get the Amazon gift card and either get a nice food processor or new iPod touch!

  4. Gloria R, says:

    I would use part of it to purchase some ingredients I want to try for cooking and baking. Some of the different products have been hard to find locally and I usually buy those items on line. I love to experiment and doing this opens up all kinds of different cuisines. If I see something that’s unique and different in a recipe..I have to try it. 🙂

  5. Jaye Cantagallo says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I would finally get a Kitchen-Aid mixer! I have coveted the stand mixer for YEARS! I love to bake and it would be so much easier! I’ve used many your yummy recipes! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Nathalie Larochelle says:

    I would probably buy the “vitamix” blender.

  7. Happy Birthday! If won I would love to win the Amazon gift card, that way I can get all whole lot of books I have been waiting to get that are in my cart and of course get a good price on a attachement for a KitchenAid I recently got for Christmas.

  8. there are so many items on my wish list. but poss. a few spices that I can’t normally afford and a couple new pans, Oh and a zester

  9. Patty Adams says:

    I love your site! I make sure to look for my email every morning!

  10. I just celebrated my 65 th birthday. I’d love to win a gift card to help you all celebrate. I would use a Visa gift card toward the remodel of my master bath.

    Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday. May it be a fun filled and blessed day:)

  12. I would buy the ninja professional blender. The one that has the mixer and juicer.

  13. Hauoli La Hanau Liza and Kim! Since my birthday is this month as well, There are so many things I want to get!!

  14. I have a long wish list on Amazon. This would allow me to choose many things from that!

  15. Nancy Shaw says:

    Happy Birthday! I am happy to celebrate with you on your birthday. I do not know what a rafflecopter is as I have only follow you and Making Lemonade so far and I LOVE your recipes but as for the day to day workings I am at a loss. If I could win I’d get books. Cookbooks, books about cooks etc. Thank you for the chance.

  16. June McDavitt says:

    Sending birthday wishes!

  17. Nicole S. says:

    I would use it to help pay for things for my May 2014 wedding – favors and such that I can get on Amazon

  18. Awesome site love all the recipes 🙂

  19. Amanda Rodriguez says:

    Congrats on a great year! Happy happy birthday!

  20. I would use it on my girls. I would buy things they need for their rooms.

  21. I would love to win the gift card. I would buy new kitchen accessories including a kitchen aide mixing bowl.

  22. I would love to use it for expenses over the summer months!

  23. Alexandra Lewis says:

    Congratulations! I would use it for things for a high school graduation we will celebrate soon

  24. Honestly I would buy myself a KitchenAid mixer, I’ve wanted one forever!

  25. Happy Birthday! I would probably use it for my 21 month old. He’s growing so fast!

  26. I would use it buy things for my trip to New York.

  27. Kim Buckley says:

    I would love to buy a new computer tower, mine is about as fast as a turtle.

  28. I would get stuff for my elderly parents. My mom has had cancer for 15 years now and isn’t doing so great. She could use some “cheer me ups” 🙂

  29. Would love to win, maybe buy a few things for my kitchen!

  30. I would use it to buy stuff for my boys birthday party this summer. They are turning 5 and 4 and want a Wild Kratt’s party.

  31. Happy Birthday Liz and Kim! Thank you for offering this generous giveaway. I would use the Visa gift card to help towards my granddaughters graduation celebration this year and my daughter’s wedding in September!

  32. Christina says:

    I would use it to fix my car! Not fun but something I need!

  33. My grandson, nephew and Son in law’s birthdays are April 1, 2, and 3. This sure would help.

  34. Eeeeeeek I’d totally choose amazon my new obsession ❤️

  35. I would buy things to decorate my house with and support my crafting hobby! Thank you for a chance to win!

  36. I would probably buy books and kitchen stuff!

  37. Michelle M says:

    Hope Liz & Kim have a great Birthday and thank you to you all for giving someone gift to Amazon! I will definitely spend it if I win! Good luck to all!

  38. Christi H. says:

    Happy birthday! If I won, I would buy bikes for my family. Come on SPRING!

  39. Thankyou for an opportunity to win – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  40. I would buy all kind of sprinkels to make those great looking shakes!

  41. If I won the either gift card I’d buy more sewing stuff!

  42. I would either buy more baking and cupcake decorating supplies or buy stuff for my kids.

  43. Marianna Mundhenk says:

    Happy Birthday Kim & Liz!!! I would use a Visa gift card for some new baking pans that I have on my wish list. Thanks for the chance to win a gift card!!!

  44. Barbara Lyons says:

    Sure would enjoy the Visa card! Just lost 57 pounds and need a new summer wardrobe!

  45. This prize would be awesome …I would use it when I go to the beach with my daughter and grandchildren. The extra money would allow us to do more things there…. I’d love to take them to Brookgreen Gardens . 🙂

  46. Debbie Caraballo says:

    Great Giveaway! And Happy Birthday to Kim and Liz…I would most likely use the Amazon card on a combination of items. Books, a Ninja Cooker, a little jewelry!
    Thanks again!

  47. Would love to win!! Happy Birthday and Thank you!!!

  48. Nancy Taylor says:

    I enjoy your recipes very much. Would love to be the lucky one to win the Birthday Bash to celebrate my 66th birthday this Friday, March 14.

  49. I would be thrilled to win the $350 Amazon gift card and get a Ninga Professional so I could have everything I need to make all the recipes in my list!!!

  50. Jackie Bailey says:

    I would buy needed items for my granddaughter and so too be here grandson 🙂

  51. I would take the visa card,and give to my dad 🙂

  52. Lorri Page says:

    I would add it to my Disney fund:)

  53. Ivonne Rodriguez says:

    I’d use it to buy a KitchenAid stand mixer. It’s tiring making bread dough without one.

  54. Patty Jensen says:

    What a great idea for all of us to share in your birthdays. I would so love to win and use it to buy all kinds of goodies to bake/cook. thanks!

  55. Birthday presents for the whole family!

  56. Happy Birthday! If I won I’d probably buy a new kindle and ebooks plus items for the new house.

  57. dana lynn says:

    Maybe get a fitbit!

  58. Going to visit my 7 grand kids in April! I would use it to buy gifts for all of them! Happy Birthday Girls! I hope your celebration is wonderful! Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway opportunity <3 Nettie

  59. If I won this gift card I would use the card to buy items on amazon for my family and the house. Like new pots and pans!!

  60. Birthday blessings to you 🙂 After getting over the shock of winning, I’m really not sure what I’d do with the gift card. I’m such a giver though. I’m always thinking of others first, so I’d probably bless others with “Just Because” gifts! Thank You, have a blessed day! God’s favor on all who enters the contest 🙂

  61. Janina Montagna says:

    I would buy home decor if I won! 🙂

  62. Susan Johnson says:

    Love this giveaway. If I won this gift card, I would buy books and kitchen stuff.

  63. I would buy stuff for soldier care packages if IU won this. Thanks for doing this.

  64. Great way to celebrate. It’s my birthday too on the 24th.I would but gift for kids that I take of the angel tree at Christmas.

  65. Gina Godewyn says:

    I would buy some kitchen things. One would be a tea maker for sure. Some small things too, since I just moved from Canada to the US to be married. 🙂

  66. Michelle Graciano says:

    I would buy stuff we need around the house, something for the husband and books

  67. Carolynne says:

    I will buy lots of kitchen gadgets with my winnings!

  68. Happy Birthday and thank you! I would use either to purchase a food processor. The mini I have just doesn’t work for bigger jobs!

  69. I would update my spring/summer wardrobe.

  70. I have a number of kitchen tools that need to be replaced after 20 years as well as few new items. And let’s not forget a number of books from the infinite TBR list!!

  71. I would probably use the visa giftcard to buy summer clothes. I just got $100 in amazon giftcards for my birthday. I love to read and my family knows I will use it.

  72. I would buy cookbooks if I win I love all the items on here!

  73. I would buy some Quest bars and birthday gifts for my grandkids’ upcoming birthdays.

  74. Melissa Saenz says:

    I would use it for a new camera!

  75. I would buy my husband a nice camera. He enjoys photography and is very good at it.

  76. Diane Mann says:

    My daughter will be doing her physical therapy clinic soon and needs a lot of things that I could get her.

  77. I would buy a whole bunch of cookbooks on amazon!

  78. Probably would use it for groceries or gas for my car!

  79. Sue flint says:

    Books and new phone

  80. Linda Schenk says:

    Happy birthday girls! I would buy so many things for my kids!

  81. Happy Birthday!! Big milestone! I’d use the GC for clothes for my kiddos!!

  82. Stephanie says:

    My daughter is graduating from high school this year and needs a laptop for college. I would use the gift card towards it. Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  83. I would have to use it for bills but that sure would help a lot..

  84. Cheryl Newton says:

    A new OTR microwave. Mine conked out a couple of months ago.

  85. Diana Cote says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂 I would put it towards a sofa, ours is on its last legs. hahaha

  86. I would probably buy a GOOD set of Pots and Pans… My set is about 30yrs old.

  87. I would buy a new KitchenAid stand mixer.

  88. Michaelyn Pappert says:

    I really need new baking pans…I bake all of the time and mine have definitely seen better days!!

  89. Kitchen stuff, new phone cover, boyfriend a present, donate to charity.

  90. elizabeth pearson says:

    happy birthday! just turned 50 myself! would spend it on some pampering for me!

  91. Deb Miller says:

    I would get some attachments for my Kitchen Aid, and a good food processor!

  92. Need to buy some workout dvds with all the great recipes you have on your website.

  93. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks so much for all the sharing you do and making our lives more interesting. I would love to have a new Kithen Aid Food Processer to make my new found love of canning and dehydrating all natural foods…

  94. Id buy birthday gifts for my two boys and my husband, and a couple books I’ve been wanting.

  95. I would use the money to start purchasing supplies for our Spring Break Trip!

  96. Julie Baker says:

    I would treat myself too a few things. I have six boys and tend to put myself last on the list.

  97. joyce flores says:

    Hi I woud buy some new clothes for my birthday in april.I am finally losing weight and actually need a smaller size and soo happy.HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. This is such a great give a way! I would most likely use the amazon gift card. I want a panini press and I need some new cookware!

  99. Karen Billadeau says:

    Happy birthday ladies! I would buy a new Kitchen Aid mixer!

  100. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipes! ! And I could use the money for my daughter!!

  101. Thank you for all the deliciousness!!

  102. Love so many of the recipes!!! I would buy more baking supplies and a food processor!

  103. Going on a cruise in a couple of weeks. Would use it for shore excursions.

  104. Debbie Brainer says:

    Happy Birthday!!! This is an amazing opportunity, so many things to think about. But if I would win I would take care of my grandchildren first. I have six of them, so their needs are more important right now. God bless you and thank you for this.opportunity.

  105. Debbie Brainer says:

    Happy Birthday!! Thank you for this opportunity to this amazing offer. If I would win I most likely think of my six grandchildren at this time. Their needs are most important now. God Bless you for this.opportunity. Thank you!

  106. Kristina F says:

    I would love it to buy more baking items to add to my collection.

  107. Kayla Pierce says:

    I hope to win this! I’ve never won anything. And I could get so many new baking appliances and cook books for my home! Happy birthday!

  108. Tatajana White says:

    Happy Birthday! I would use it to buy new clothing and gifts. I lost 30 pounds and I ran out of nice shirts that still look fine & I’m a huge gift giver.

  109. I would buy wedding decorations for my son’s wedding in June

  110. Nadine Osborne says:

    I would buy glass mixing bowls, a gizmo to make vegetable spaghetti, and pans to bake donuts. I would also like new muffin and cake pans

  111. I would use the Visa gift card for all my everyday expenses so I can save up more money for my school trip to Europe this summer!

  112. I would love to win ! I would use my winnings to help celebrate our upcoming 31st anniversary in May ! That is a lot of meals and baking over the past 31 years ! I still love to find new recipes and try them ! Thank you all for the opportunity to try to win !

  113. Yay for birthdays!!

  114. I can always use more kitchen essentials so there can be more cooking and baking!

  115. Elizabeth says:

    Probably put it towards a high powered blender. I have one for eons. My grandsons love smoothies and I would love to add greens, etc for all of us.

  116. Oh gosh, there is so much that I would like to buy so I can make things and so many things that I would like to have to complete my kitchen with. I would love a chance to buy these things I so want ..Thanks for the give-away…

  117. I would buy a collection of items for my kitchen.

  118. I need some new cake pans and I would love a cake turn table to help me with decorating.

  119. Congrats!!! Hey it’s my birthday too – well tomorrow the 13th. I have a huge Amazon wish list for myself and both my kids – so I would spend it buying some of that!! I have a HUGE love of music and books, so I would buy up many of those on my list. Plus my daughter is turning 7 in April – would buy some My Little Pony stuff for her. 🙂

  120. Oooh how fun!!! This would go towards our secret summer plans 🙂 Stay tuned my friend!!!

  121. Alison Miller says:

    Happy Birthday! If I won, I would use it to buy a kitchenaid mixer!

  122. Debbie Wiliams says:

    Happy happy birthday! And many more! I agree, giving is better and easier and way more fun than receiving at this age (or any age really) Keep up the good chocolate!

  123. Too much to choose from. Books and cds are my favorite things

  124. Karen Wood says:

    Happy Birthday! I would buy a vitamix.

  125. Kaye Killgore says:

    Happy Birthday to you. I’d probably buy books. I think I’ll make those super tasty looking blondies.

  126. Beth Ann says:

    Happy Birthday! Since I am unemployed, I would use this to buy groceries and other necessities!

  127. Veronique Hodges says:

    Thank you!

  128. Sonia C. Vargas Salcedo says:

    I would buy a KitchenAid mixer.

  129. Christy Taylor Green says:

    Happy Birthday! I would buy myself an ipad

  130. Debbi Powers says:

    Happy Birthday ladies. Hope all your wishes come true. A gift card would be nice to purchase some new baking supplies.

  131. A fun shopping trip for me and my mom

  132. Sabrina Acosta says:

    I would buy all of my kids clothes and shoes including my unborn sons clothes

  133. Happy… happy… Birthday!!!
    I could use the gift for my Mom for her 80th b’day next May <3

  134. Ohh man I can’t even imagine what I’d buy with the gift card…probably music, baking stuff, maybe some clothes.

  135. Megan Bright says:

    I’ve just started quilting… I need supplies!

  136. What a wonderful birthday gift!

  137. I would buy my son a class ring.

  138. Alissa S. says:

    I would love to buy a new mattress!

  139. Andrea D. says:

    I would buy some work out DVD’s and Wii games. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  140. Melissa S. says:

    Happy Birthday!! Mine was yesterday 🙂 Be nice to have a change of luck and win. Thank You!

  141. I would use the visa gift card to buy some new jeans and bakeware.

  142. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in June. I would use the money for a night or two away!

  143. Michelle M. Spencer says:

    Happy birthday!
    I would use the card to purchase a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer for my newlywed daughter. :o)

  144. I would use the visa gift card to replace some of the items that were stolen when my house was burglarized last year, while I was convalescing in a nursing home after a serious illness.

  145. Sherri Armstrong says:

    I love your website and wish you a happy birthday. If I won the gift card i’d buy myself my first smart phone or an IPad.

  146. A new rug for my living room!

  147. i would buy a fit bit

  148. Kathleen Miller says:

    Happy Birthday! I would probably use the gift card to buy a stand mixer.

  149. Melissa S. says:

    Would love to win this, would be a nice birthday present for me…My Birthday was yesterday and I am sure would help me right now.
    Happy Birthday to you 2!!

  150. I would use it to buy much needed new shades, curtains, and curtain rods for my house.

  151. I would buy the stereo from amazon my hubby has been lusting over the past few months.

  152. New bakeware…something for my daughter for sure! Happy birthday and thank you!

  153. Mary Jantz says:

    I would use it to buy some new clothes – I am a plain dresser and need to update my look!

  154. A new mattress

  155. Maria Juliana Armenta says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  156. Hmmm, might just be a down payment on a motorcycle 😉

  157. Would probably buy something for my kids. Love shopping for them.

  158. Kelly Westerman says:

    I would use it to buy more cookbooks from Amazon, to add to the shelves & shelves of cookbooks I already have!

  159. joy meyers says:

    Would buy things to make my house and garden fun !

  160. Heather Wells says:

    A ton of new kitchen stuff!

  161. Kristin P. says:

    I would definitely get a blender. Then spend what’s left on my kids and get some fun stuff for them!

  162. I’d put it towards my much, much needed, highly needed kitchen remodel!

  163. Marcia S. says:

    My son is moving out soon. I would buy him something for his new home.

  164. Books and craft supplies!

  165. I love all of your recipes! They always look so good!!!

  166. Marcia W. says:

    Kitchen stuff and some home accessories.

  167. Ginny Brennan says:

    Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate! I would take my whole family out for dinner the next time we are all together!

  168. Honestly, I could use some new bakeware. And i’d get my son some things from his wish list. And if anything is left, order some smut (aka: romance books).

  169. Have no plans!

  170. I would buy…cookbooks! I LOVE cookbooks, and could never get enough!

  171. Marilyn Muraski says:

    If I won I would use the gift card to pay for a medical test that I need. I currently do not have health insurance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  172. I would use it to help pay for a much needed vacation!!

  173. Martia Jo says:

    I would get cookbooks! And maybe a Kitchen-Aid mixer, which I’ve wanted for awhile!

  174. Definitely baking and craft supplies. Maybe a new stand mixer before the 60 year old one inherited from my mother dies.

  175. Happy Birthday! I would buy some well needed items for my newborn and two year old. A good blender, hand mixer and a wilton cake stand. Congratulation on another year!

  176. I would use it for vacation!! Thank you!!

  177. I would buy some sound tracks to start with. I sing in church & need some new songs.

  178. If I win would get some new spring clothes for my girls and I with the winter we have had it would be such an uplifting time!!!!!

  179. Brittany Griggs says:

    I would buy baby clothes!! lol I have a 3 month old and clothes aren’t cheap! 🙂

  180. RANDI COOK says:

    I would buy clothes.

  181. Awesome giveaway and happy birthday to Kim & Liz! I would either buy a new lens for my camera or put it towards a new laptop.

  182. I would put it towards a projector TV

  183. Susan Newman says:


  184. I’d buy a stand alone mixer since I see so many recipes that require one.

  185. Lots of books!

  186. I would buy my mom one of those big tricycle bikes. She skulls love it.

  187. I would buy my mom one of those big tricycle bikes. She would love it.

  188. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would use it for but I’m sure I can think of something.
    Happy Birthday to “Cravings of a Lunatic” and “That Skinny Chick Can Bake”

  189. Debbie "CannerD" says:

    Wow, not sure where to start on comments 🙂 1st, you have some wonderful recipes and ideas on here. Hubby is going to be so thrilled I stumbled onto your site. 2nd, I love the photo’s (at least the ones I had the time to check out (and I will be back to see some more). 3rd, a giveaway is always something to smile about. Now, as to what I would use it for – a new grain mill. We have been doing it with my Kitchenaide attachment and it is ok, but not to the fineness I am looking for. But, I must say, win or not, I feel like I got the gold ring with your page, so thank you, no matter the outcome.

  190. Lisa Langston says:

    I am not a good decision maker, it would take me a long time to decide what to buy!

  191. Kimberly Krasowski says:

    I think I would use it to buy summer clothes for my kids and books.

  192. Happy Birthday!
    I would buy a mouse for my husband’s Surface! It is our 8 year anniversary on Sunday!

  193. Natalie G. says:

    cookbooks and shoes! 🙂

  194. Adrienne Gordon says:

    Get my kids a PS4

  195. I would get a new playstation for the kids (okay, really the biggest kid) since ours broke.

  196. I would get presents for my family with it.

  197. This would be wonderful to use on my grandsons for their birthdays this year! I’d probably buy them more toys that they want, like Dinosaur Train interaction figures and Thomas trackmaster trains.

  198. I would put it towards bedroom furniture. Or pay off some bills =)

  199. rich bart says:

    books for my wife to review!

  200. alyce poalillo says:

    I would take a major shopping trip to stock up on food, household products and cat food.

  201. Milly Westman says:

    This is a great prize and I would probably use it to pay a bill or two.

  202. If I won I would buy my mom a nice pair of nordic ski poles for her birthday!

  203. Linda G. says:

    I would use it for a weekend get away

  204. wendy rozema says:

    I’d buy new shoes and a new purse!

  205. Chrystal D says:

    The Visa card would help me get my truck fixed!

  206. ROBERT FENCL says:

    a new vacuum cleaner and clothing!

  207. Diane Baum says:

    Happy belated birthday-I would buy a purse.

  208. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d buy what I’ve been really wanting for awhile now, a iPad mini. Thanks so much.

  209. Aaron Humphrey says:

    I could really use a new laptop or tablet, my current laptop is having some issues.

  210. a Television

  211. I would buy some new summer clothes for my 2 and 3 year old!

  212. Katherine says:

    I would put it toward my new sewing machine fund

  213. Kelly Kimmell says:

    I would put it toward a new laptop!

  214. Angie T. says:

    Something for the house.

  215. Lauren S. says:

    We just adopted a puppy from a rescue, so I would definitely buy her some goodies and then spend the rest toward a gift for my dad’s 60th! 🙂

  216. Elizabeth Drake says:

    I would buy something to help with my Japanese studies!

  217. Deborah Stinson says:

    I would buy craft supplies and of course, chocolate!

  218. angela cunningham says:

    new pots and pans

  219. a real nice piece of jewelry

  220. I would buy a Kindle.

  221. I would buy a dyson vaccuum!

  222. maria simon says:

    I would definitely use it on my parents..they are older and need help with different things so this would be fantastic thanks for offering 🙂

  223. I would buy a bike to start a good exercise program.

  224. Some grocery items to stock up and a few blurays

  225. If I could win, I would upgrade the components of my old computer system and installing Windows 7

  226. I would buy new clothes for the spring/summer.

  227. Meaghan F. says:

    I would put it toward a new laptop because mine is old and dying.

  228. Ann Fantom says:

    If I won, I would buy a Tivo.

  229. I’d actually send it to my son at college so he can buy supplies.

  230. heather s says:

    a new tablet

  231. Peggy Johnson says:

    I would buy some new curtains

  232. Mary Casper says:

    I would put it towards a new mattress

  233. something for the house

  234. Russell Moore says:

    Happy Birthday! If I won, I would put it toward a necklace I am getting for my wife. Our 20th is this summer.

  235. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I would save it for my next vacation!

  236. I will probably purchase some books on cinema, in order to be ready for film school, because that’s where I want to study.

  237. i would use it to get new tires for my car (boring but true and needed!!)

  238. Shannon Baas says:

    I’d use it on a kindle.

  239. Betsy Barnes says:

    If I won, I would surprise my hubby with a nice weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach, he definitely needs a little relaxation 🙂

  240. Tabitha P. says:

    I would buy new bedding.
    My sheets are getting holey.

  241. Linda White says:

    Books, a new flat iron,

  242. I would buy a new Kindle Fire, mine is not charging really good anymore.

  243. I would use it to get a new guitar.

  244. Jennifer M says:

    I would use it towards Birthday and Christmas gifts this year.

  245. I would buy a Kindle and books.

  246. Kathy Luman says:

    I would use it to buy a new lawnmower.

  247. Id buy a new GPS for my husband

  248. Elizabeth says:

    I’d get books, CDs, DVDs, Lego and OYO minifigures…

  249. cindy berg says:

    my daughters birthday is coming up i would use it for her

  250. Gabrielle says:

    Online shopping is the best! 😀

  251. Kitty Iecvan says:

    I would buy some baking pans.

  252. Tina Marie McCallum says:

    I would love to buy my daughter some summer clothes.

  253. Michele Behlen says:

    I would use it towards my new lawn mower.

  254. soha molina says:

    I’d buy a Kindle Fire.

  255. I have a vacation coming up that I would love to have some extra spending money for!

  256. Theresa Jenkins says:

    I would choose an >Amazon Gift Card < and purchase my 85 yrs young parents supplements for them

  257. Dwayne Berry says:

    If I won this gift card, I’d use it for a few trips to the grocery store.

  258. I will use the money on my university courses ! 🙂

  259. Benjamin Moore paint for the exterior of my house

  260. Manuel Vizcaya says:

    I would buy groceries

  261. I’d like to get a mattress for my bed.

  262. jose benavides says:

    I would buy my kids clothing

  263. Cynthia C says:

    I have a long wish list at Amazon. One thing I need to get is a new food processor.

  264. Stephen Saunders says:

    I would buy a quilting sewing machine, and quilting tools, and a book to learn how to make a quilt. I have wanted to do this for so long. I would also buy some beef jerky.

  265. g. penrod says:

    I would use it too treat my self. I do not know what until I would win an see it.

  266. A new stereo for the truck.

  267. Debra Guillen says:

    I would use the visa card to have a fun get away with my husband.

  268. Starr Greenwell says:

    I would use it for a new area rug for my living room.

  269. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I would buy a comfy pair of shoes for my Vegas trip in May.

  270. Jerome Royce says:

    I would buy a PS4!

  271. Larry Fullhart II says:


  272. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    I am saving up for a new tablet. I would add it to my gift card balance.

  273. I’d buy another attachment for my KitchenAid Mixer.

  274. Valencia says:

    First thing I would buy is new running shoes because mine are on their last leg. After that I’d probably buy groceries and other household items.

  275. If I win, I would treat my husband to a night on the town!!

  276. I would buy my husband a new laptop

  277. Amy Heffernan says:

    I would buy easter gifts for my kids.

  278. Marlene V. (enelram) says:

    New bedding for my room

  279. I would use it towards a purchase of a PS4.

  280. Happy birthday. If I won my husband and I would a trip for our 50th wedding anniversary.

  281. I would use it for airfare for my vacation this summer.

  282. I would buy some scrapping items for myself

  283. ellen chevarie says:

    i would buy the grandkids something for easter and I love baking with them.i usually take all 3 of them shopping and back home to bake.

  284. Elizabeth R says:

    Some new clothes, I am going on vacation!

  285. A lens for my dslr. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  286. I would use this for gas money as I am leaving town shortly

  287. Mihaela Day says:

    I would use it to help pay for things 🙂

  288. Gwenni B says:

    I would love to spend it on a treadmill! No more tripping over bumpy sidewalks in the dark!

  289. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I would use it to buy more supplies for our basement remodel process.

  290. Anne Derkat says:

    Some of it would go to my grandson for his birthday and the rest to his Dad for his birthday

  291. I would by needed supplies for my backpacking trip this summer.

  292. I would take my girls shopping and get them some new outfits, they are growing so fast!

  293. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I would use this Amazon gift card to buy books for myself and gifts for others, too.

  294. Bev Henry says:

    I would buy something for my grandchildren

  295. linda lansford says:

    I would buy food if I won this gift card.

  296. Some new clothes

  297. Kathleen says:

    A new purse

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  298. Suzanne K says:

    I’d use this to help with a short and very much needed vacation

  299. Daniel G. says:

    Clothes and gifts

  300. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I will buy new bath towels, new paint for my bathroom, and, of course, books!

  301. I would buy a stand mixer. I’ve wanted one forEVER.

  302. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I would go shopping!!

  303. Clothes for vacation 🙂

  304. Carly D. says:

    I would like to buy some accessories for my camera!

  305. paige chandler says:

    I’d get a much needed color and cut.

  306. Michelle says:

    I would buy Broadway theatre tickets!

  307. Denise B. says:

    I would get a new kitchen set.

  308. Stephanie V. says:

    summer clothes/shoes for the kids — all grown again . . . lol

  309. Rachael G. says:

    I would choose the Visa GC and use it towards new tires for my car

  310. Theron Willis says:

    I’d buy gifts for my two daughters.

  311. Misty Lunceford says:

    I would buy a few of meds that I need and buy food for the house. Then I would take my kids to see Catching Fire.

  312. i would get some new clothes

  313. Kathleen Downes says:

    I would buy a new laptop or a new DSLR camera.

  314. Janice Cooper says:

    I would buy some Easter goodies and groceries

  315. Veronica Tefoglou says:

    I would buy a new purse

  316. John Stetson says:

    I’d use it for my wife and I to go on vacation to Brranson, MO.

  317. BlessedTA says:

    Buy myself a watch.

  318. robyn paris says:

    i would buy groceries with this if i won

  319. Susan Christy says:

    I would use the VISA to buy tires for my car. On Amazon – just about everything on my Wish List would be covered!

  320. MK Alexander says:

    I would definitely use it to buy some pretty new clothes. I recently lost a good chunk of weight and now I don’t own a single item of spring/summer clothing that fits!

  321. I would buy clothing.

  322. Adrianna Holbrook says:

    I would buy a whole lot of nail polish!

  323. Tiffany Hartwell says:

    I would put this money towards my wedding 🙂

  324. JAMES LYNAM says:

    Need a new CELL PHONE.
    Mine is an antique.

  325. Brittney House says:

    I would buy spring clothes for the family.

  326. I would buy some new shoes.

  327. Erica Barnes says:

    Some new business clothes.

  328. RICHARD HICKS says:

    I would buy a new garmin gps

  329. Steven Blaser says:

    I would take the wife out to a really great meal. Wine and dine.

  330. I would purchase some new clothes for my daughter she has grown so much that her clothes hardly fit anymore

  331. I’d like to buy groceries.

  332. I would buy some books on aromatherapy!

  333. Kimarie Stebbins says:

    I would put it towards a new couch.

  334. Wendy Arnott says:

    Oh, the choices.. I could replace the windshield in my vehicle, 200$, then shoes and pants at Old Navy and still meet the girls for lunch and pay part of everyone’s bill.

  335. Alicia Thibadeau says:

    I would go buy some clothes for the summer

  336. Stephanie M says:

    I would use it to pay for some of my 30th birthday trip

  337. Michelle says:

    I would buy some books and blurays

  338. I would use the gift card towards a weekend getaway with hubby, with no kids and no dogs.

  339. I would buy some luggage.

  340. Wendy hutton says:

    I have a big wishlist on amazon mostly kitchen stuff

  341. I would buy lots of books.

  342. I would buy household stuff.

  343. nice contest I would spend it on golf.

  344. Terrie Swazzo says:

    I would buy home decor since we are remodeling.

  345. I would use it for a much needed weekend vacation!

  346. I would save this for Christmas and have a stress free holiday 🙂

  347. Heather Walker says:

    I would pay bills and buy my hubby a bday gift

  348. happy bd! I would use this towards my vacation

  349. Cindy Merrill says:

    I would buy Gluten Free foods, available on!

  350. Denise S says:

    I would buy books with it.

  351. Casey Everidge says:

    i would get decorations and a present for my sons birthday

  352. Kathy Dunaway says:

    I would use it for a camping trip that we are taking in a couple of months.

  353. Angela W says:

    New bakeware

  354. Kyl Neusch says:

    buy some clothes

  355. Mellisa Hogue says:

    Hmmm, what would I do? The options are endless. Would probably be a hard decision. I would probably put it back and use it for a little getaway for my husband and I(if it was the visa) I think it has been 5 years since we have done a little getaway(or ant getaway at all). I would use the amazon card to get a couple of zero gravity chairs I have had my eye on for a while now. I would be so happy to have something to spend on just us and not earmarked to go to the necessities that never go away.

  356. If I were to win, I would get a little bit of everything trash bags, toilet paper, dish liquid, monster high dolls, more household items.

  357. Marisa King says:

    I would use this on some nice anklets.

  358. Susan Smith says:

    I would buy groceries and gas.

  359. I would buy college supplies for my daughter.

  360. virgil poore says:

    honestly i would pay up a bill or two and put the rest int he fridge.been out of work for over a month and things are piling up on this would help out sooooo much! thank you for the chance to win this.

  361. Crystal F says:

    I would get some stuff for my house. I need new blinds, curtains, towels, rugs and sliverware. Thank you!

  362. Margaret P. says:

    I would buy one of those fancy stand mixers and toss out my crummy hand mixer.

  363. I would buy gas for a Florida trip to Destin

  364. Thanks for the giveaway!

  365. Gloria S says:

    I would buy gifts for my grandchildren

  366. I would buy some new cordless phones and a new comforter set.

  367. I’d use it for family birthday gifts for the rest of the year.

  368. Jara Christensen says:

    I would buy my hubby and anniversary present 🙂

  369. Dericka Buckels says:

    I would pay my electric bill and maybe get an oil change.

  370. I would buy a piece of jewelry for my wife, our anniversary is coming up

  371. Crystal Renee says:

    I would buy some new spring clothes and new ebooks to read! 🙂

  372. Happy Birthday! I would buy cookbooks.

  373. christopher h says:

    i’d use it to buy some new clothes

  374. Serena Powell says:

    I’d buy my mother a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for my mother.

  375. My daughter goes off to college this fall. If I won this giveaway, I would use it for buying things she needs for her dorm, such as a microwave and bedding. Thanks!

  376. Theresa Bergeron says:

    A $350 Visa would buy a lot of groceries! I could stock my freezer with food for months!

  377. I’d buy a Keurig!

  378. I would get a pilates rebounder.

  379. Carmen N says:

    I’d see if I could find some handles for our kitchen cabinets

  380. it’s for my wife who is a talented seamstress..
    she could use a new sewing machine

  381. I would use it to buy something that would be useful for my family.

  382. I would buy natural products.

  383. We are currently saving for a new house so while this couldn’t go to that fund I’m sure it could be used towards an appliance or a few things for the new place!

  384. This is awesome! I would have a family weekend at home with my wife and kids. No cooking. No cleaning. No chores. Just order out and enjoy life!

  385. Reginald S says:

    Lots of summer gear – shorts, tanks, sandals.etc.!

  386. Christina Sparks says:

    I would use it to get a DVD/VHS recorder

  387. I would use it to buy a PS4

  388. Brandi Price says:

    I would put it towards clothing for the family!

  389. Tara Woods says:

    I would put it towards a treadmill.

  390. Jodie Rosenblum says:

    If I won I’d buy a lot of new books, DVDs, and baby clothes.

  391. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Put it towards a Sony Playstation 4 system for myself. I want one and won’t have the money for one for a long time

  392. Apryl Griffith says:

    I’d buy the kids clothes

  393. Linda Peters says:

    I would put it towards a new computer, thanks for the chance

  394. If I won I’d buy the kiddos a new Spring wardrobe!

  395. Alyce Pettit Poyner says:


  396. I need a new set of pans!

  397. i need a new computer, this one’s ancient

  398. thomas lockhart says:

    I would get a xbox one

  399. I would take the Visa and buy food, gas, and some summer clothes.

  400. New cellphone

  401. krystal wethington says:

    Gifts for my family and the rest would go towards a new computer that i need bad.

  402. Maegan Morin says:

    I would use it to buy books clothes and toys for my kids 😀

  403. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Both my husband and his beloved bicycle were badly injured when he was riding his bike to work (as he almost always does) and a careless driver of a a parked car suddenly and rapidly opened his car door wide open and my husband unablle to stop faster enough and wisely unwilling to swerve out into fast moving traffic where he would have been killed and caused other cars to crash.

    While still in physical therapy/ rehab he is on the mend – but I’m afraid was essentially totalled. It will probably be another couple of weeks before he is cleared to start riding again – but I would love to have this $350 (VERY generous prize!) to use toward buying him a NICE we bicycle that he so truly deserves!

    Thanks for the change/ opportunity to enter – and your authentic generosity.

  404. I would buy a kindle fire.

  405. Heather B says:

    I would put it towards my Christmas shopping!

  406. Andrew Nenstiel says:

    Stuff I need on amazon like vitamins and all that good stuff.

  407. Terri Moore says:

    I would buy some cute shoes for my grand daughter who just learned to walk and something nice for my son’s Easter baskets ( they still love getting them!) thank you!

  408. I’d buy my kids the gear they need for Scout camp this summer!

  409. I would bye a nice summer dress 🙂

  410. Michelle says:

    I would go on a shopping spree for spring and summer clothes.

  411. Ashley Busse says:

    I would buy a new crib and mattress for baby number 4 due in 6 weeks!

  412. I would buy a Playstation 4 with the gift card

  413. megon burkit says:

    A new pair of boots! Winter is about done, but I still need them for next year!

  414. melina r says:

    I would buy party supplies and throw a bday party for my soon to be 8 year old.

  415. I would buy a vacuum cleaner.

  416. I would buy quilting and sewing supplies

  417. Sarah Hall says:

    I would buy some new tires for my car.

  418. kelly tupick says:

    I would buy some nice sneakers for my daughter. Her’s are getting really worn and just haven’t been able to get her any yet.

  419. I would buy some new tires for my car.

  420. I would probably stock my freezer with it.

  421. I would buy a new living room rug.

  422. Dan McClure says:

    I would use this money to take my fiancee and our girls out to a movie and dinner. Then take them shopping.

  423. Ronda Patrick says:

    This would cover the rest that I have saved up for a washer/dryer combo for the RV. That way I don’t have to use the laundromat when we go camping!

  424. Dawn Sweeps says:

    I would buy a wedding present for my son.

  425. Tommy Reynolds says:

    I would buy some school text books!

  426. jennifer barr says:


  427. I’d get workout clothes.

  428. I have a long list of computer and printing supplies that I need.

  429. Sherry M says:

    I would buy something from a home improvement store, as I am renovating my home to sell it next year.

  430. I’d buy a new phone if I won this gift card

  431. I’d get a ninja blender!

  432. John Kirkpatrick says:

    Think I would purchase an RC helicopter.

  433. kim caron says:

    I would buy some boots! I would love a black pair 🙂

  434. Kate Newton says:

    I’d stock up on diapers and wipes for my 2 smaller boys. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  435. Elizbeth says:

    I am in need of some items for my upcoming wedding! Make up, table decorations, jewelry to name a few. It would be great to have a little extra boost for my extra special day!

  436. Kari Flores says:

    Some summer dresses

  437. jamie hamilton says:

    I would purchase swim and running gear: shoes, competition suit, compression shorts, etc…

  438. I would use it towards my husband’s dental implants.

  439. I’d love to get a new tennis racket or pair of running shoes for the spring!

  440. Lauren-Olivia Wood says:

    I would buy items for my kitchen!

  441. April Page says:

    I’d use it for baby stuff with baby #3 set to be here in ~10 days!

  442. Shelton Rogerson says:

    Being unemployed, I need it for gas for my car and a couple of small bills.

  443. I have some baking tools on my wishlist that I would buy. Thanks for the chance!

  444. Jennifer L says:

    I would buy clothes!

  445. I would buy a blender and some new books

  446. latisha depoortere says:

    I would love more books my favorite. Thank you for the great giveaway and Happy Birthday too you!

  447. Charlene says:

    I would use it towards a purchase of a iPad 🙂

  448. Monica Kirkham says:

    I would most likely buy groceries… Something we always need!!

  449. Julie Hawkins says:

    I would buy bicycles for my kids

  450. Kathryn C says:

    WOW if I won I would opt for the Visa card and use it towards two new tires for my truck

    Kathryn C

  451. I would buy my husband Fountain jet

  452. Dana Cerrito says:

    I would buy some new clothes for summer

  453. shirley hicks says:

    id use it for vacation

  454. Tejas Tavernie says:


  455. Honestly, our TV just started shorting out and the volume button will randomly act like its being pushed so I would probably surprise hubby with a new TV in May for our wedding anniversary with the extra funds!

  456. i’d probably save most of it towards christmas- we didn’t have much last year!

  457. Eugenia Hall says:

    I’d buy a new coffee maker, perhaps a soda stream, and then feed my kindle!

  458. Annemarie Z. says:

    I would buy groceries and some small kitchen appliances!

  459. Mary Calabrese says:

    I’d buy a knock-out dress for my step-son’s wedding!

  460. Allison S. says:

    Oh wow, what would I buy? I think I would use it on groceries and other regular purchases to give my credit card a break haha!

  461. A Le Creuset dutch oven

  462. Olga Galarza says:

    I would buy some groceries to make some gourmet meals.

  463. Mary Cloud says:

    I would buy groceries and spring clothing for my kids
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  464. I would buy new bedding.

  465. I’d use it towards decorating our first baby’s nursery!!

  466. janine h says:

    i’d buy a highchair for my son. we just have a hand me down

  467. Karrie Millheim says:

    I would buy Drakkar perfume

  468. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I would buy a new set of pots and pans. Thanks.

  469. Sky Evans says:

    I’d use it to get clothes

  470. Jonathan Brigden says:

    I would like to buy a new small TV

  471. amy deeter says:

    spring and summer clothes

  472. Oh wow, I would use some of it on summer clothes for my baby as well as a swimsuit for her. Part would be for some house hold essentials which helps a lot with our income, and then something special for myself and my hubby!

  473. Summer clothes would be a great idea!

  474. Elizabeth Woody says:

    I would buy a juicer or a blender first!

  475. Beverly Metcalf says:

    I would start my gift buying early this year, if I won this contest. Thanks!

  476. Michelle S says:

    I would pay off the rest of my daughter’s hospital bills!

  477. Rebecca Lock says:

    I would buy craft supplies, movies, and Legos.

  478. shoes of course lol

  479. It would help with monthly bills and some groceries too.

  480. Sue Barney says:

    I would buy my hubby an iPad 🙂

  481. I’d buy some clothes and gifts including exercise equipment for my son and maybe a cell phone.

  482. I’d use it towards the purchase of a new game system, most likely a PS4.

  483. Ashley Fryer says:

    I would buy new luggage 🙂

  484. $350 worth of boxers.

  485. Danalee Davis says:

    I would buy gas and groceries.

  486. Della Barker says:

    I would use it for groceries, bills and some needed kitchen items. Thank you for the chance!

  487. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I would love to win this and pay for some of the kitchen gadgets and appliances in my shopping cart already. I have my cart full, lol.

  488. Sarah Cool says:

    I would love to buy some clothes ive lost so much weight nothing I own fits me anymore!!! And shoes a girl can never have too many shoes

  489. I’d get the brakes on my car fixed.
    Thanks for the contest.

  490. A laptop for my husband.

  491. I would buy gifts for my family to bring back to Vietnam this summer.

  492. I’d probably use it for groceries.

  493. joe gersch says:

    i would buy groceries

  494. Andrew sellen says:

    I would buy a wonderful night out with my spouse, dinner and a movie kind of night out.

  495. new record player.

  496. tracey byram says:

    I’d buy groceries including meat

  497. carla sharp says:

    if i got the visa i would pay bills and the amazon i would buy my daughter some clothes as they are very much needed..thank you for the chance at winning and to each of you for sponsoring.

  498. Jamie Feldman says:

    I would put it towards a new computer for my husband- he really needs one.

  499. Sue14625 says:

    Happy Birthday i would either repair or replace my current 5yr old laptop

  500. Barb Stenby says:

    If I won I would either get a new phone (I still use a flip phone) or maybe a kindle (still don’t have one) so that’s what I would buy for my birthday on Saturday!

  501. Textbooks for college classes

  502. I would get things for our new apartment – we are moving in a little over a week – LOL

  503. I would buy my husband a birthday gift and buy some summer clothes for myself.

  504. Misha Estrada says:

    I would like some new kitchen supplies- a bread maker, canning kit, good blender.

  505. I would use the card to buy some clothes, a new vacuum and a couple of birthday gifts.

  506. Kathy Pease says:

    I would buy a new camera to take family pictures 🙂

  507. Bryan E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…would put $$$ towards a new laptop for our daughter !

  508. Stephanie says:

    I would buy a GPS!

  509. Tim Moss says:

    I’d probably buy some electronics that I want.

  510. I really need a lot of things for the house – sheets, pillows, towels, curtains, etc.!

  511. Shauntea Crutcher says:

    I would buy baby stuff for my little one.

  512. I would by an electric razor and some new headphones.

  513. Suzanne Timmsen says:

    Yum, everything looks so delicious.

  514. Suzanne Timmsen says:

    Think spring! new spring clothes!

  515. Lori Taube says:

    We are moving in 2 weeks and are in need of a bunch of things, so I’d use it to buy the odds and ends.. New shower curtains and linens, new bedding, and new decorations!

  516. Shea Balentine says:

    I’d put it towards my bathroom remodeling project =)

  517. I would buy a new camera. My camera died last year when I had to save a drowning dog and I haven’t bought a new on yet.

  518. I would use it to buy stuff for my new apartment.

  519. I would probably buy a new food processor. Mine is on it’s last leg (almost literally).

  520. I’d use it for birthday gifts for my kiddos!

  521. Francine Anchondo says:

    It would go towards Christmas gifts

  522. I would schedule an appointment with the eye doctor & get new contacts & glasses.

  523. Megan Mow says:

    I am a few months away from having my first child, so I would put most of it towards my baby.

  524. Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I would buy a new doggy door.

  525. Jannet Kwan says:

    I would use it to buy a lot of presents for my mom.

  526. susan smoaks says:

    i would use the gift card to stock up on food and toilet paper and paper towels. it would be so nice to win! i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  527. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would use the gift card to stock up on everyday essentials like toilet paper and Kleenex. I would use a portion to buy my mom a nice birthday gift and to buy myself a new razor for my legs.

  528. jules m. says:

    right now i need a lawn mower

  529. Caroline Wampler says:

    I would by running shoes for myself and my husband 🙂

  530. Kelly Britton says:

    I am in desperate need of new glasses, so I would get an eye exam and purchase some new ones. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Winning would be a Godsend. 🙂

  531. mary renshaw says:


    I would buy new cake pans and some molds and maybe even NEW dishes!!!
    What I really want is a new cake stand and Triffle bowl!!!

  532. Nicole Carter Weasley says:

    I would buy a kitchen aid mixer!

  533. Corey Olomon says:

    New clothes for my kids

  534. Mya Murphy says:

    I would use some on fixing up my new place..

  535. ROBIN SIGAL says:

    I would so look forward to buying a good quality juicer and enjoy the benefits of healthy juice!

  536. I would buy some new clothes!

  537. Marie Constantineau says:

    new spring clothes for all the family and a pizza party!

  538. Lorina Padgett says:

    I would buy a new laptop or tablet.

  539. I would purchase the Wii Fit and some hand weights, to accelerate my weight loss and health goal by adding more fitness into my day!

  540. I’d get a Kitchenaid Mixer

  541. I would use the money for school!!

  542. Gennie Lancaster says:

    Textbooks for school.

  543. Jenny Q. says:

    I would buy some spring clothing for my son and daughters.

  544. Une journée a me faire dorloter dans un spa.

  545. Courtnie says:

    I’d buy groceries and gas.

  546. I would buy a new bed and lots of k-cups!

  547. Jaime Cummings says:

    Lots of stuff! Makeup, clothes and jewelry!

  548. Kendra Gillilan says:

    Some vitamins, and stuff to help others of what they need, thanks.

  549. Virginia Rowell says:

    I would buy a new phone for my hubby.

  550. I’d buy some story books to read to our little girl at bed time!

  551. Clothes

  552. Kathy Flaherty says:

    Great contest,I would purchase some new bakeware!

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