Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

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Fish Bowl Punch and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Puffs-A quick and easy way to turn snack time into a party!

Disclosure Photo Collective BiasFish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs-A quick and easy way to turn snack time into a party

I love that it’s summertime. Yes it’s hot but that’s just something you have to deal with.

Summertime is swimming at the pool, family vacations, the beach, evening walks, not having to rush in the mornings. Spur of the moment day trips.

Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

It’s about easy.

And Fun.

And making memories.

Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

Goldfish and Pepperidge Farms were a part of my growing up. We had an outlet store close by and my mom would stock up on bread, cookies, GOLDFISH! I loved those foil bags, perfect for snacking on the run.

As kids, my sister and I would each get our own goldfish bag for snacking on for car trips. The Cheddar was always my pick.

Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

I was more than happy to try out Pepperidge Farm’s new product Goldfish Puffs. And better yet, we had to go shopping at Target!

My step-daughter was in town with her family and I kinda, sorta kidnapped her. We left her husband and my kids with her 3 kids to fend for themselves, hahahahahaha! We almost didn’t go home. Seriously, we could have stayed in Target all day instead of just the 4 hours we were gone. You can check out our shopping trip here.

Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

At least when we came home, it was with Goldfish Puffs. We got the two flavors available Mega Cheese and Buffalo Wing. If you like Buffalo wings, you’ll love the Buffalo Flavored Puffs. If not, stick with the Cheese.

To make it fun for the little kids we made up some punch and made a quick party out of it. All the while we’re playing with our fish and singing “The snack that smiles back…Goldfish!”

and now that it’s stuck in your head too, you’re welcome, hehe

Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

I love the easy reseal on the bags, no looking around for a chip clip.

Funny thing though. When I went looking for one of the bags to grab a few to nibble on, it was missing from the cabinet. An intense search of the house (not really, I knew right where to look) revealed my teenage son popping goldfish puffs into his mouth while killing his friends on the Xbox.  I think that says it all, the snack choice of 1 Xbox playing Teenage Boy. And the rest of us liked them too.

Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs


Fish Bowl Bunch

Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

Yield: makes 2 quarts


  • 1 package sugar free lemonade mix (I used Crystal light)
  • 2 quarts cold water
  • blue food coloring-I used Neon Blue
  • 1-2 tablespoons Club soda per glass


  1. Make Lemonade per directions on package. Add in just enough blue food coloring to get the perfect fish bowl color.
  2. When ready to serve, pour lemonade into ice filled glasses and top with Club soda. Give a quick stir just to blend.


Fish Bowl Punch and Goldfish Puffs

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  1. I love that drink you made! My boys really love these Puffs! Love the different flavors they have, too!

  2. I love these crackers!
    Your punch recipe sounds so cute!

  3. The oldest member of my family (Mother Kalamity) and the youngest (Rocket) sit and eat the Cheese kind watching The Price Is Right and any Baseball game every day of the week. So I would say these are good for all age groups because we eat them too, just not every day as a mid morning and mid afternoon snack like Rocket and his great-grandma.

  4. So tropical! Love the color and it looks so refreshing! perfect for summer! And those new puffs…don;t you love them? I bought 1 bag and it was gone before I could get 1…it was so frustrating I even took a pic of my empty Thanks for sharing! Came over to visit you from the Plaid and Paisley Kitchen party
    Have a great week!

  5. Sounds perfect for summer Joan! we live on goldfish crackers at our them 🙂

  6. Hi, I’m visiting you from totally tasty Tuesdays! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, definitely an eye catcher. The color of your punch is what I love the most, would work great for a party! Please drop by my blog if you would like!

  7. Yum! I love the colors in the punch, and how kid friendly everything is. Come, share at our Pinworthy Projects Party.

  8. Your photos are amazing! I’ll have to try this Fish Bowl Punch with some Goldfish Puffs!

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